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Sue Teaches the Following Classes

The Craft of Songwriting
Shoreline Community College, Shoreline, WA
Mondays, 3:30- 5:20

Open to everyone, from beginners to seasoned writers looking to polish their skills. I love teaching this class which usually
draws a wide diversity of students. Each student is required to write one original song and present it to the class during
our final meeting (on CD or performing live). Check out the official course description and how to register at

Songwriting Workshop
Shoreline Community College,
Shoreline, WA
Mondays, 5:30-7:20

This is a workshop style class. Share your songs with a supportive community of songwriter. More at

Survey of Music Recording/Publishing Business
Shoreline Community College, Winter Quarter Only
Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays, 3:30-5:20 PM

Course provides techniques for successful operation of businesses focusing in the area of music recording and publishing.
Cash flow is tracked and evaluated throughout the industry. Course details the primary sources of income including
artist royalties, broadcast royalties and contract negotiation. Operating procedures for successful recording studio ownership are covered.
More at

Navigating the New Music Business
Shoreline Community College, Spring Quarter Only
Thursdays, 2:30-4:50 PM

As conventional models in the music business crumble, we investigate new revenue streams and emerging businesses on the web, incorporating social media into P.R. and how to network effectively. Explore new ways of creating, financing, promoting and distributing music.
More at


Songwriting Workshops

Songwriting for Teens – Saturday afternoon sessions for young songwriters (12-17)

We meet in the home of the delightful and talented Lisa Cole (vocal teacher) in East Sammamish. Be sure not to have holes in your socks because Lisa requests we leave our shoes by the door. Also, she’s been known to serve brownies for our mid-afternoon break. Email Lisa Cole for schedule.

Songwriting Workshops For Women on Shaw Island
Dates TBD

I had an unforgettable workshop experience at this gorgeous Shaw Island retreat this summer. I’m looking forward to returning next year. I also HIGHLY recommend John and JoAnn Braheny’s songwriting and creativity workshop on Shaw Island every May. Due to accommodations, these Weekend Intensives are only open to women. Check out Sharon and Maggie’s web site for more info as

Team Building for Businesses through Songwriting

Take your team or organization on a four-hour dive into the creative process using the illustration of songwriting.
I offer this workshop under the name “Team Tune,” in collaboration with songwriter Steve Mason. Check out Steve’s web site at